JSON Syntax Issue

Hello everyone
I would like to add my dynamic price (or color, size…) on JSON but every syntax has error. How can i fix that issue? I added my screenshot. After the user adds the product to the cart…



Hi Batuhan,

To embed expressions in a text, use a curly brace followed by an equal sign:

"value": {=price}

For more details about the syntax, see this part of the docs: Text type

Thanks @ENZ. My syntax error fixed. But I cannot fix my real issue. Why my Shopify price not updated? 0.00€

My Shopify Cart


Hello @ENZ do you have any idea about this?


Hi @Batuhan,

here’s how you can access your Price component within the Checkout JSON:

  "id": "Price",
  "label": "{=configurator.Price}",
  "position": 6,
  "isVisible": false

Hope this helps,

Hello @LEI,
It is just changed price text. But i want to change price on cart. I added a screenshot what i want to say. These prices never changed. It is default of product price.

David Leitner via Combeenation <notifications@combeenation.discoursemail.com>, 2 Nis 2024 Sal, 08:50 tarihinde şunu yazdı:

Hello David,
Any update?

2 Nis 2024 Sal 12:20 tarihinde Batuhan Yılmaz <btarumar@gmail.com> şunu yazdı:

Hi Batuhan,

does the SKU in your Shopify shop match with the productId in your JSON?
If they are identical, the price of the SKU will be used in the cart. If you want to pass on the calculated price of the configurator, please make sure that the productId in your JSON differs from the SKU.


Yes, it does! Thank you for your helping

David Leitner via Combeenation <notifications@combeenation.discoursemail.com>, 2 Nis 2024 Sal, 14:48 tarihinde şunu yazdı:

We’ve updated the docs to clarify how the SKU affects the checkout process.
Thanks for bringing this up!