Height of Panel

I want to increase the height of the panel, but no matter what I do, the height of the panel inside does not increase.



Hey Batuhan,

I’m not too familiar with control styling myself, but have you tried using the Flex property?
Specifically, try setting Flex of panel8 and panel6 to 1.

If you’re not familiar with the flex property, basically it will make the element grow to fill up the available space. If you have two elements with flex 1 in a container, they will divide the space evenly between them – if there is just one panel in another panel, it will grow to take up the available space.

Thank you for the answer. So, is it possible to extend the height of the entire configuration space in Shopify?

Hi @Batuhan,

there are dedicated properties within the App settings in Shopify where you can define the Iframes width and height. See Shopify Docs.


Thanks @LEI shopify height is fixed yes but my real problem still have. No matter how much I try to increase the height Panel8, it just doesn’t get bigger.


Hi @Batuhan,

please make sure that your panel doesn’t use the “auto-height” CSS class and if your flex is set to 0. Please also check if there is any custom CSS which may interfere with your values.
If these things are alright your height value should work as expected.

If you want to make a control as large as its content, you can use the CSS class “auto-height” (if you used one of our templates for your configurator). If you want a control to take up the available space you can use the value “1” for flex.

Hope this helps.

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