Publishing Error

Hello everyone, i got an error when i click the publish button how can i fix that.


Hi Batuhan,

our engineer is checking the errors, right now, and contact you then.

Kind Regards


Hey Batuhan,

this dialog indicates that you have unresolved errors in your configurator.
The affected components should actually be listed in the dialog, but in your case it only says “Cfgr”. We will take a look at why they aren’t named there.

Regardless, you should see the affected components in your component list on the left side of the editor. If you have made changes to any of your assets, e.g. a data source, it could be that you have to reload the configurator editor, or simply exit and re-enter it quickly.

I’ve taken the liberty to look into your support draft and saw that you have 2 errors in your components (see screenshot). You are trying to use a .Key column in your StaticTexts_Tbl component, but the data source has no such column.
If you change the column name to .Lang, it should work.

i.e. the rule should look like this:

from newAssets.StaticTexts select all
filter .Lang = Lang.Key

Hope this helps, if you have any other issues, feel tree to reach out again!