Installing viewer dependencies

How do I install viewer dependencies: npm i @combeenation/3d-viewer?

Hi @Innolto,
Yes that’s correct. :+1:


But where can i execute this command?

Hey @Innolto,
you must execute the npm command in a command line on your own machine, but that requires some setup. In case you’re not familiar with npm at all, here is a short summary on it:

We also have documentation on how to set up a development environment for extending Combeenation configurators with Custom JavaScript:

That page also explains how to build your JavaScript code to turn it into a single, production-ready .js file that you can then upload to your configurator.

If you are new to JavaScript development, then it will be a bit of a hurdle to get this all set up. On the plus side, you will then have access to all sorts of useful npm packages and a powerful editor like Visual Studio Code.