Faster way to change CustomJS

Is there a faster way to upload the customJS than uploading each time from the configurator?

Maybe a possibility to just enter the URL, or configure a file via the API?

Hi kgross, welcome to the forum!

Did you clone our custom-js-template repository?
If so, you can set up your configurator to load the JavaScript files from your machine, while you are working on them. That means you don’t have to upload a .js file at all while developing your configurator.

You can read about this here in our docs and also here in the README of the template repository.
Let me know if this solves your problem or if you need help setting it up!

Of course the solution above only works while you are developing the configurator, eventually you have to upload a .js file as a resource.
At the moment, there is no other way to upload it. Our goal is to eventually remove the need of a ResourceComponent for hosting JavaScript code, but there is no release date for this yet.

One idea we are toying with is to introduce a JavaScript asset, but we’re very interested in what the community wants. You mention the use of a URL or API, what did you have in mind for serving your .js file to make it available via URL?
Would something like a git repository integration sound appealing to you, or something else entirely?