Copying & Rectangular Pattern

How can I copy a 3D part or even create a rectengular pattern?

Hi @Innolto,
Thank you for your question.

Our platform as well as our 3d viewer is extensible using JavaScript. Please take a look at the following Docs page: 3d viewer control with custom JS.
As our 3d viewer is based on Babylon.js, you can simply use the built-in functionalities to create custom meshes (e.g. boxes, spheres, …) as well as to clone existing meshes. Please check out the following example (Clones | Babylon.js Documentation), which show the creation and cloning of a simple box.

I hope this helps!


Thanks for the respons!
I’ve already tried cloning in Babylon Playground, but then the exported file’s size becomes very big.
Cloning directly within the platform using JS is probably the better approach…

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