Error Message when Adding Babylon.js File

I’m encountering the following error message when adding by Babylon.js file.

UnsupportedMaterialTypeInBabylonJsFile: The BabylonJs file ‘scene’ contains an invalid material ‘BABYLON.StandardMaterial’ at $.materials[0].

I’m a beginner in the field, would you be able to direct me towards a solution?

Hello Luca, welcome to the forum!

We currently only support PbrMaterials in the asset manager:

Your Babylon.js file seems to be using a StandardMaterial.

I’m not a Babylon expert myself, but my understanding is that PbrMaterials are generally superior to StandardMaterials.

Do you have a specific use case that requires the use of a StandardMaterial, or can you change it to a PbrMaterial?

We are considering to add support for other material types if there is interest in that.

Let us know if you need help with changing the material type or have other questions!

Hey @LucaExpo,
just a quick heads-up: we will add support for other kinds of materials, so that Babylon.js files like yours will work out of the box. This feature is planned to be released by mid December.

A bunch of other 3D-viewer improvements will also come in the very near future resp. a few have already been released – check out our release notes if you’d like to know more!