Best practice in material/texture management

Hi there,

i have question regarding the material and texture management in the configurator.
I have a configurator with different couch modules that all share the same color options (materials)
However i want to change the albedo texture of the material depending on the module.
Additionally there the customer should have an option to set a global color.

There are 2 options i can think about:

  1. Creating a material for each color and module type with albedo textures
    e.g mat_module1_black, mat_module2_black …
  2. Having 1 material for each color, changing the albedo texture in custom js code
    → The problem is that the albedo will be changed for all parts that have the material applied

Is there maybe another option or should i go with option 1?

Thanks in advance

Hey @kgross,

Thanks for your question.

In general: If you build a modular configurator with different modules where you can change colors/material seperately, each module needs to have its own material applied. Otherwise any parameter you would change for the “global” material would be applied to all modules with the “global” material applied.

In your case that would mean, that you need a material for each module and color combeenation, just as you suggested in option 1.

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