Delete Login Field

On our configurator there is a login field for our dealers
Is there a way do delete this entry when someone opens this configurator?
If the link is sent to a customer, for example, they must not be logged in

Hey Patrick,
apologies for the late response.

I haven’t quite understood what exactly you are trying to accomplish:

  1. do you want to hide the login field, so nobody can see it when the configurator is opened?
  2. or do you want to “log out” a dealer when that dealer wants to send his customer a link to the current configuration?

In either case I am assuming you only want this to happen when someone shares a link to an existing configuration, otherwise please clarify!

Off the bat, I can think of two possible options:

  1. if you save a value in a component that represents a signed-in user, you could overwrite it with an empty value right before you create a share link. (This may require Custom JavaScript, depending on what kind of share link you are using)
  2. you could add a URL parameter to a share link to invalidate a signed-in user. You can check if that parameter is set with configuration.getParameter("nameOfYourParameter") and e.g. return Empty instead of the dealer key (or record, or whatever you are using)

Please let me know the details of your use case, then I can provide a more specific answer.

Hello Martin,

sorry for my late response too…

so far, I log the dealer out, when he klicks on the “Copy Link-Button”
But if he wants to continue working, he has to log in again
So I thought that it would be better if the login parameter is always deleted when the link is opened

So I think the problem is solved if the parameter is set to empty with configuration.getParameter("nameOfMyParameter")

I’m pretty busy at the moment, I’ll let you know if it worked when I have time to try it out

Hi Patrick,

no worries. When you get to it and need help, feel free to reach out again – we can also look at your draft together, if you want.