Image to 3D object

Can I assign an image to an object of my 3D model? For example, when the user selects a color or pattern, can I have a command such as dress the “abc.jpg” image on this object and how? @LEI

Hi @Batuhan,
there was a similar question from someone else a couple of weeks ago. Please check out the following post: Questions regarding UV-coordinates, camera lock, environment light and sticker customisation

Please also refer to our documentation: 3d viewer control.

Hope this helps!


I get an error like that @LEI. How can i fix that?


Hi @Batuhan,
Sorry I think I got you wrong. So it’s not about uploading a custom logo or motive but rather having a given pattern (material) in different colors.
In this case, you just need to create dedicated material assets in the asset manager. Just copy your original pattern, give it a name and upload the image with the yellow stripes as albedo texture. Then, once again, you can use a nodeParameter to decide which material should get assigned to a specific mesh.

Are you okay if I take a look into your project in a separate draft to help you out on this?


Yes you can look up @LEI

Hello @LEI . Any update ?